Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trying To Sell WWE Diva Maria A Car! you caught me!
This blog is not really about my feeble attempts at selling WWE Diva Maria a new car. All I have to say about that is...I tried and I failed. More on that story in a future blog. Until then, enjoy the beautiful picture of myself at the top of this post (oh yeah...and Maria is also there). This entry is actually about an award that was presented to Frank Myers Auto Maxx and was made possible by our wonderful customers!

Humor me for a moment. On your way to work tomorrow, count the number of used car lots that line the road on the way. Bunches of them? I would dare say that you pass several a day. Now think about something...if there are that many in the short drive from your house to your job, how many do you think there are in the nation? Tens of thousands? Probably. That is why I was proud to have my dealership(s), Frank Myers Auto Maxx, named the 28th largest independent dealership in the USA (based on volume)! We were tied for 58th place last year we are gunning for the top 20! See the rest of the winners here:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Tracy Myers is the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC. He is a Certified Master Dealer, the National Quality Dealer of the Year and one of top 28 dealerships in the Nation. He is also the author of "Eight Keys to a Better Car Deal" and the best selling book "Car Buying Secrets Exposed - The Dirty Little Secrets of a Used Car Dealer", both available at

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