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The New Movers Guide To Little Known Car Buying Secrets

As most of you probably know, moving can be ridiculously stressful. As a matter of fact, it is the third most stressful life event following death and divorce. Moving disrupts your normal routine and gen­erates feelings of uncertainty as you enter uncharted waters.
Well, I’ve got some good news… one that won’t make your move less stressful – but it might save you from needing a bottle of aspirin on the big day.

To help take your mind off of all the boxes you’ve got to unpack, I have put together for you a very special “Get Acquainted Gift.” This gift is FREE to you with no strings attached and no obligation. It’s just a little gift from me to my neighbor – YOU.

This special gift includes my newest consumer bulletin (which you hold in your hands) and a FREE laser car wash (an $8.00 value...just print this blog post and bring it into any Frank Myers Auto Maxx location for redemption).

This is my gift to you and your family. But there is only one way you can get your hot little hands on this very special gift and if you’ll flip to the end of this report, I’ll tell you how.

...but I have been called the “Used Car Expert”. It’s no secret that used car dealers have an unshakable reputation for shady deals, dishonest stunts, dirty tricks, tom foolery, shenanigans, and--- other undesirable actions that you should prefer never to have to deal with.

Fortunately, not all used car dealers are guilty of these dreaded sins. There truly are a group of committed, ethical, honest, good, and professional independent car dealers out there who are truly looking out for your best interest.

Unfortunately, a few bad apples have spoiled the business for those of us who run a tight ship and an honest operation.

Because there are a few bad apples out there, my personal advice to you is to arm yourself with as much information as possible about the scams the dishonest dealers try to pull so you can spot them a mile away and run down the street to another dealer who really deserves your business.
The problem is in knowing how to spot the bad dealers and in being able to identify their tricks and scams.

So I’ve listed the most common scams the bad guys like to pull so you can be on the look out.
Now you’ll know – when you see one of these games being played…

From The Author
The material you are about to read in this report will help you SAVE TIME AND MONEY and can prevent you from being a victim of potentially unethical or dishonest car dealers.
“THE NEW MOVERS GUIDE TO LITTLE-KNOWN CAR BUYING SECRETS” IS POWERFUL. On the following pages, I will put my families’ lifetime of research to work for you. I will also share with you the “Secret Questions” that the automotive industry has attempted to keep confidential.

By reading this report, it will put you in a much better position to own your next vehicle because you will be better prepared. You will know what to ask and what a good deal is.
Since you may not know who I am, let me share a few things about myself so you know that I am well qualified to offer you “Expert Advice”. My name is Tracy Myers and I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx. My family has been serving happy customers in the Triad area of North Carolina for more than 80 years. Personally, I have been involved in every aspect of this industry for more than 15 years. I am a “hands on” car guy and I am committed to operating our business with honesty and integrity.

I encourage and look forward to your feedback regarding this report. Please feel free to write me or email me with your comments or questions at the address listed at the end of this publication.
So if you are ready to learn the secrets that were never intended to reach your eyes ... read on!

Find The Right Dealership and Sales Professional to Deal With
Dealing with the right dealership and Sales Professional is the foundation to the whole purchasing process. The dealership and how they treat you is a key factor. Do they WANT your business? Do they want to KEEP your business? Do the owners strive to keep their dealership the best it can be? You can tell by dealing with the management, salespeople and everyone else who you come in contact with at the dealership.

SALESPERSON: After you purchased your vehicle have you ever heard from your salesperson? Does your salesperson assist you with your vehicle concerns and needs? Have you ever purchased a vehicle only to find out the salesman made promises that he/she wouldn't keep? Or you found out later that they lied to you? This is the Twenty First Century! There are actually honest salespeople who take this business very seriously and look at it as a long-term career.

If you don't have a salesperson you can trust, ASK AROUND. Do you have a relative, friend, co-worker or neighbor who has been happy with a particular source? Find a salesperson you can trust and who WANTS your business and goes out of his way to KEEP your business. They are harder to find but they are out there so ask around. You DON'T have to deal with someone you don't like!

Know What You Need Your New Vehicle to Accomplish For You
Be very careful in choosing your next vehicle because it is a big investment. If you pick the wrong one it will cost you money. That is why it is very important to make a list of things you need your new vehicle to accomplish before you start shopping. Have you thought about how much room you need? Gas mileage? Power for pulling and hauling?

Car Shoppers: Make sure the car is going to provide you with enough room to put your stuff in and has enough legroom for everyone. It's a real bummer when you find out the car seat doesn't fit in right or the kids don't have enough leg room in the back.

Truck Shoppers: You could wind up an unhappy truck owner if you haven't thought carefully about how many people and how much gear you need to carry. As well, when selecting a truck, you need to consider what you are really going to pack for payload. Why endure the rough ride of a three quarter ton when all you need is a half ton? As well, what are you really going to use this truck for? Diesel engines are great for power but they cost a lot! Sure… if you are to go with a gas engine - a big block V8, you will burn more fuel, but how much fuel can you burn for the $5000 in price? Also ask yourself if you really need 4 wheel drive. Sure…they are nice to have if it snows, but does it really snow that much in your area? If it doesn’t and you don’t have to have a 4 wheel drive for your job (examples: construction, farming, landscaping, etc), then do not pay an extra $1,500 - $2,000 for a 4 wheel drive.

“Don’t pay an extra $1,500 - $2000 for a 4 wheel drive unless you need it for your job.” – Tracy Myers

Decide Why Used is Better Than New
Did you realize that when you buy a new vehicle, you can lose a few thousand dollars as soon as you drive it off of the lot! ARE YOU PREPARED TO LOSE A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS IN A MATTER OF MINUTES! If so, then buying a new vehicle may be a wise investment for you. If not, you may want to consider buying used. Vehicles are built better now than they were twenty years ago, so buying used can make a lot of sense. In the last five to ten years they have been designed to run for 100,000+ miles! Take care of them and they will last!

If you're a used car shopper, ask your Sales Professional if the vehicle(s) you are looking at comes with a FREE warranty and/or a Money Back Guarantee. If they do not, then you may want to question why the dealership does not stand behind what they sell. At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we take the worry, pain, fear and frustration out of buying a used vehicle! Every certified car, truck, van and SUV comes with our “Love It Or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee and Uncle Frank’s Lifetime Engine Warranty!

Find a Dealership That Can Provide References or Testimonials From Customers
Very few dealers can provide this information. In many cases this is because they have very few satisfied customers. Many dealerships simply continue to “buy” new business through their advertising efforts, instead of creating “raving fans” and building their business on repeat and referral business.

If a dealer doesn’t have letters of recommendation from people they have worked with in the past, you should consider shopping elsewhere.

Many dealers lure customers into the dealership with big promises, only to hassle them with high pressure tactics once they get there. Those dealers don’t have customers who are lifetime “raving fans”. I would recommend that you do not do business with any dealer who doesn’t have a long list of happy customers.

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we have a long list of very happy customers from all over the Carolinas and Virginia -and we have the testimonial letters to back it up. When you come in, you won’t be able to miss seeing them.

DID YOU KNOW? Credit is a word derived from the Latin word credare, which means to believe or trust. A mutual trust between the creditor (customer) and the debtor (lender) is therefore implied in credit.

“I recommend finding a dealer that has a long list of happy customers.” – Tracy Myers

Ask the Dealer if They Have Any Money Back Guarantees?
Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware.”
Although the three-day “Cooling Off” rule has been in effect for years, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that many consumers are still confused about their rights. Here is a reminder of where and when this rule applies.

Under the Federal Trade Commission’s “Cooling Off” Rule, you have three business days to cancel any purchase of $25.00 or more that you have made in your home or somewhere other than the seller’s usual place of business, such as a rented hotel room. The “Cooling Off” Rule also provides protection for consumers who purchase items at a product party given in a private home. The rule is designed to give consumers options to carefully weigh their decisions away from sales personnel and high-pressure environments.

However, as with every rule, there are exceptions. The “Cooling Off” Rule does not apply to: sales made at the seller’s usual place of business; sales made totally by mail or phone; those for real estate, insurance or securities; those of vehicles; those of goods and services that are needed to meet an emergency; or those of arts and crafts in certain locations. The Rule also does not apply to sales that begin as retail transactions at a business establishment, and are completed with the signing of a contract in your home.

For instance, ordering carpet at a store and signing the contract when someone comes to your home to measure floor space is not covered. “We often hear from consumers who think they have three days to cancel a transaction, when the rule actually applies to a limited number of situations,” said BBB Bill Moak. “It’s important that you understand your rights under the law before committing to any transaction, especially those in which you may change your mind.”
WARNING: There is no 3-Day “Cooling Off” period on MOST Car Transactions in MOST States! Most transactions take place at a dealership, which voids this rule. You must educate yourself, research your purchase and gather all the facts (then, if you’re like me, Pray!).

Here is the challenge:
• Sometimes customers Make Mistakes!
• Sometimes Car Dealers Make Mistakes!

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we take the worry, pain, fear and frustration out of buying a used vehicle! Every car, truck, van and SUV comes with our “Love it or Leave it” Money Back Guarantee. You can return the vehicle for any reason! And we won’t pressure you into buying another vehicle or keeping the one you bought. Simply bring it back in the same condition in which it was purchased, and you will get a full refund…No Questions Asked. See store for details.

Find Out If The Dealer Offers Any Kind Of Guarantee Or Warranty On Their Used Vehicles?
Why would you want to risk spending money with someone who isn’t willing to stand behind the cars they sell? Most dealerships stand behind their vehicles with anywhere from a measly 10% to a whopping 50% warranty. You will find the dealers warranty listed in the window on the used car on the Federal Buyers Guide (it is a Federal Law that each vehicle display this document).

The challenge with these 10% to 50% warranties (anything less than a 100%) is that you do not control the pricing. Here’s what I mean. Most dealerships make 50% to 70% profit on automotive repairs. So, let’s assume that you have an engine go out in the vehicle you just purchased. The average engine repair today is in excess of $3,500. If the dealership pays for 50% and you pay for 50%, then you each contribute $1,750. OUCH. First of all, the engine probably already had a challenge when the dealership sold you the car. Second, the dealer has at least $1,750 worth of profit built into the $3,500 service ticket. So, you cough up $1,750 of your hard earned money on a vehicle you just bought, and the dealer loses nothing, in fact, they may even turn as much as a $700 profit on your misfortune.

SCAM ALERT! You have been warned…be very cautious about anything less than a 100% warranty at time of sale! When someone I care about is shopping for a vehicle, I urge them to consider the guarantee that is included. It may seem like you’re getting a good deal from a dealer or a private seller. But that good deal can quickly turn into a nightmare if you experience problems with the vehicle once you drive off.

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we stand behind everything we sell by giving our customers a FREE LIFETIME ENGINE WARRANTY on every Certified Vehicle!
DID YOU KNOW? A Warranty is different than a Service Contract? A warranty is generally included in your purchase and has no additional charge. A service contract is generally purchased by the customer and is offered through a third party administrator. Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, “service contract” means a “written contract to perform, over a fixed period of time or for a specified duration, services relating to the maintenance or repair (or both) of a consumer product.”

Find Out If The Dealer Can Help You Arrange Financing At Competitive Rates With A Good Credit History? Or - Can They Help You Arrange Financing With A Poor Credit History?
Many dealers will be able to connect you with exceptional rates and finance sources if you have good or excellent credit, but many dealers fail to help people who have had credit challenges in the past (Even with excellent credit, many unprofessional dealerships fail to offer 100% of the customers 100% of their options 100% of the time).

I am personally very passionate about this topic. I have personally had many friends and family members with credit challenges in their past that wouldn’t allow them to borrow ten cents for ten minutes. They literally couldn’t buy a pop and charge it. What I remember most was the way they spoke about their credit challenges and the way that they were treated by auto dealerships. The ironic thing about this is that most car salespeople that I know have had their fair share of credit challenges, so who are they to pass judgment on anyone else?
Many banks and finance companies base their decision to loan you money in large part based on the relationship they have with the dealer. A dealer who has good relationships with a finance company will be better able to help you obtain financing. Building these relationships takes time, energy, and patience – which many people lack.

During the past 15 years, not a day has gone by that I haven’t given out tips to anyone who is willing to listen about how to raise your FICO score and how to improve your credit and thus your financial life.

My team of Finance Experts has helped thousands of people who have had credit problems obtain fair financing and re-establish their credit. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the field of automotive lending. We have a list of lenders and happy customers (with improved credit) available for you to see and we will never hassle you about your credit! We are the best dealership in the world at helping customers arrange financing (according to me). If we can’t get you a loan with one of our bank or credit union partners, then we have our own finance company that will give you a 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) chance with our “EVERYBODY RIDES” program!

I understand that other dealerships may TALK about Guaranteed Credit Approval but, unfortunately, most of the time it is only TALK! What is their GUARANTEE? What happens if they say “NO”? At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we are so confident in our abilities to offer you a finance solution, that if we can’t...we’ll give you $1000.00! It’s that simple!

Buying A Vehicle Should Be Worry Free
Most dealers will tell you that you should choose them because of Price or Service.
Low Price in the car business is an empty promise. All vehicles are priced based on supply and are held in check by book values. Generally, you will get a very similar price no matter where you shop. Beware of a dealer promising a price that is “too good to be true” - It most likely is…too good to be true. They will make up the difference in the finance department or they may not give you a fair amount for your trade in.

Service is another poor answer to this question. You should expect service! Providing good service should be a requirement, not a bonus. But sadly, most people who promise good service fail to deliver.

You should buy a car from someone who is able to give you a quick and powerful answer to this question…someone who actually provides something beneficial to you.

When I am asked that question, I share with my customers the ten things I believe separate us from our competition. At Frank Myers Auto Maxx and

1. No need to worry about ever making a mistake when buying one of our Certified vehicles. If you do make a mistake, we have our FREE “Love it or Leave it” Money Back Guarantee. You can return your certified vehicle for any reason! And we won’t pressure you into buying another vehicle or keeping the one you bought.
2. We have America’s #1 Used Car Warranty! ALL Certified vehicles come with a FREE Lifetime Engine Warranty!
3. America’s #1 Used Car Warranty just got better! ALL vehicles also come with a FREE 90 day/3,000 mile transmission warranty!
4. Our Finance Experts will offer you an opportunity to finance a vehicle or we’ll give you $1,000! (HINT: We have NEVER given anyone $1000!)
5. NEVER pay for a vehicle history report! We’ll give you a FREE vehicle history report at the dealership OR you can download it on our website. You make the choice!
6. We are the Triad’s ONLY Certified Master Dealer (CMD)! CMD is a training program for outstanding dealers in the used vehicle industry. Receiving the National designation of Certified Master Dealer is a recognition of a dealer’s dedication to the automotive industry and his/her proven record of stability, reliability and ethical business practices. When you buy a car from a CMD, you are buying from the “Best of the Best!”
7. We were named the Carolina’s Quality Dealer of the Year! Annually, only 1 dealer out of thousands is given this prestigious honor by a group of his/her peers. It demonstrates a commitment to quality that is second to none!
8. We were named the National Quality Dealer of the Year! This is the highest honor given to one dealer in the used car industry on an annual basis. When our owner, Tracy Myers, reached this career milestone he was the youngest dealer in history to do so!
9. We check it out so you don’t have to! Every single vehicle on our lot has gone through our 160 Point Mechanical & Safety Inspection by a certified Technician in a service facility with all of the modern technology and diagnostic equipment. A FREE copy of our Inspection is available in our showroom for you to review at your convenience.
10. Uncle Frank has vehicles to fit almost every budget! If you don’t see what you are looking for...just ask us. We have access to distribution centers all over the United States that can supply us with the right vehicle for the right price and the right payment!

ALWAYS Be Able To Speak To The Owner Of The Business
Yeah Right! Most car dealers today are collectors; they collect car franchises, boats, planes, wine, golf clubs, and other stuff. Most dealers are “absentee” meaning they are absent from the business and their employees are manning the ship.

I love my job. I love serving customers. My goal is to change the landscape of the car business. When you are in the store, be sure to stop by my office and say hello. My door is always open and I work hard 6 days a week to serve our customers (No time for golf, I’m busy raising a family). If I’m out buying cars or at one of our other stores, leave me your name and number with a manager and I’ll call you back as soon as I return.

Speaking of Family; be sure to bring yours (We Love Children – Young and Old). We have FREE movie night every night at 5:30pm , showing the greatest kids movies of all time. At our Winston Salem location, we have FREE classic arcade games...bring on the Pac-Man! We also have FREE drinks, popcorn, balloons and even Uncle Frank coloring pages. I almost forgot; we also have a FREE world-class Starbucks coffee bar (only the best for you) day and night.

We sell cars in downpour rain, 110 degree heat, 5 feet of snow, baseball sized hail, and bone aching extreme-cold so don’t let weather be an excuse! We have umbrellas and a bunch of folks who will run around and bring you whatever you need! Remember, we’re here to serve!

Thank you for the chance to share this information with you. Please accept my invitation to contact me personally whenever you have a question about car buying or are thinking about buying a vehicle for yourself or someone you love.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracy Myers is commonly referred to as "The Automotive Transportation & Financial Expert & has spent the past 15+ years trying to change the landscape of the car business and the bruised reputation of car salespeople all over the country. He also the owner of Frank Myers Auto Group which includes Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Credit Quick, Worldwide Vehicle Protection Plan & Triad Car Credit. Tracy is a Certified Master Dealer, an NIADA Eagle Award Winner and was named the National Quality Dealer of the Year by the NIADA, which is the highest obtainable recognition available in the automotive industry. He was recognized as one of the Top 28 Independent Automotive Retailer in the United States by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine, one of the Top 3 dealerships to work for in the country by The Dealer Business Journal, one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in NC by Triad Business Leader Magazine (coming in at number 22) & was inducted into the 2009 class of The Triad Business Leaders Hall of Fame.

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