Monday, April 13, 2009

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena Forms Alliance, Bonds With Owner of Local Car Dealership and Unequivocally states, "EVERYBODY RIDES!"

When John Cena uttered those famous words, “EVERYBODY RIDES”, Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, said he almost “freaked out”. “It was an incredible feeling for a national celebrity to agree to help out a local business owner,” says Myers.

When Myers started searching for the perfect spokesperson, it’s no wonder his thoughts turned to wrestling superstars. An avid lifelong WWE fan, Tracy contacted his own TV representative about sponsoring a WWE event when it came into town. Naturally, WWE agreed but Myers wanted to take it a step further: could he find a WWE superstar to endorse his “EVERYBODY RIDES!” program?

He was hoping to snag his favorite wrestler, Charlotte NC native “The Nature Boy Ric Flair”, but Flair wouldn’t agree to do it. Myers expected the worse, figuring they would hook him up with a third-string superstar, but to his surprise they talked to WWE World Champ John Cena and not only was he available to do the endorsement, but he was willing AND excited!

When Cena and Tracy met, they formed a bond as Myers began explaining to Cena his vision. Myers told Cena about the history of his family-owned car dealership and how over 80 years ago, his great-grandfather began laying the foundations for their business. Tracy went on to detail to Cena his hopes of spreading the word to everyone about their “EVERYBODY RIDES” program, which was based on one single premise: it’s not about getting peoples’ money; it’s about getting people into the car of their dreams, regardless of their credit. Quite simply put: “EVERYBODY RIDES!” Cena was impressed that there was actually an honest car dealer out there who was more concerned about helping people than he was about fretting over his business’ bottom line.

During the filming of his endorsement, Cena became acquainted with “Uncle Frank”, the affectionately-termed mascot of Frank Myers Auto Maxx and he asked Tracy to send him an autographed picture of “The Unc”. Tracy agreed and said, “I felt honored that a world champ like Cena would want an autographed picture of Uncle Frank”.

As the cameras rolled and the day wound down, it was soon time for Cena to leave to get ready for that night’s match. Before leaving, he smiles and shook Myer’s hand and encouraged him to keep smacking down the competition by “selling cars like candy bars”.


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