Thursday, June 4, 2009

Traveling With Kids...How To Survive (& ENJOY) Traveling With Children

Traveling With Kids
How To Survive (and ENJOY) Traveling With Children

Everyone agrees a vacation is in order. The trip to visit the family or the Disney Vacation that you have been planning is fast approaching.

What you do NOT want to do is LOSE YOUR MIND. Here are some tips for survival.

Choose your new vehicle from Frank Myers Auto Maxx for all your transportation needs. With most van’s or SUV’s you can contact our after market department and have a complete entertainment center added with TV, DVD or VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. Makes the traveling that much easier.

Whether you buy a new vehicle or not, it is imperative to PLAN AHEAD. Gift wrap secret surprises such as healthy snacks, crayons, colored markers, magazines for kids, books, puzzles and age-appropriate travel games. Keep the presents in the front seat and have a new GIFT-WRAPPED SURPRISE for each hour of travel.

Stop every few hours and run around at the rest stops. It can even be extreme fun to play football, soccer or tag for 10 minutes then jump back in the car. This stop also serves as the potty break for little bladders.

Books on cd can be fun and they are easy to rent and return. Check out the selection at Cracker Barrel restaurants found almost everywhere or your local library. Allow the kids to choose the music for 30 minutes per hour. Play Name That Tune, 20 Questions & the license plate game. And when the going gets rough, you can play the Silent Game or the Sit on your Hands and be Quiet for the Longest to Win a Dollar Game!

Your family vacation is supposed to be FUN. Do not try to drive too far in one day. Start early. Maybe you will get 200 miles under your belt before they even start with the most popular travel game: “ARE WE THERE YET?”

Have a safe and fun vacation in your “new” pre-owned vehicle from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC.

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