Thursday, September 3, 2009

$1000 Finance Guarantee...ONLY At Frank Myers Auto Maxx

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, we understand how important it is for YOU to have the wheels you need! So in this tough economy, we GUARANTEE to get you financed... OR we give you $1,000!

Hi folks! My name is Tracy Myers and I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Ever since my great grandfather started the foundation of this business way back in 1926, we've been committed to making YOU a customer for LIFE! And our "Everybody Rides" program is just part of our commitment!

As you well-know, the economy is TERRIBLE, people are losing their jobs and they just can't afford their car payment! Rental car companies who normally turn over their fleet every 6-12 months, can't move their inventory. Some car manufacturers and dealers across the country have an endless supply of vehicles that are just sitting, BEGGING to be purchased! Banks and finance companies aren't loaning money and these companies are DESPERATE to sell these cars!


That's where we come in! For a LIMITED TIME, Frank Myers Auto Maxx has been designated by an Automotive Liquidation Broker as the Exclusive Distribution Center for these types of vehicles. Whether you are looking to buy a Late Model Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, van or SUV... NOW YOU CAN!

"Ok, that sounds great, but what's the catch, Unc?"

There is NO CATCH -- REALLY! For a LIMITED TIME, you simply pay a $17 Acquistion Fee and assume the low monthly payments on the car that you select... REGARDLESS of your good OR BAD CREDIT! And if we can't find a finance solution for you, we will pay YOU $1,000... GUARANTEED!

"The Value of The Dollar Is RISING At Frank Myers Auto Maxx!"

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, you get more VALUE for your hear-earned dollar! Where ELSE can you get:

-A FREE Lifetime Warranty
-A 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee
-A Free Vehicle History Report
-A $1,000 Finance Guarantee

I know what you are saying...
"But aren't you just another one of those Buy-Here-Pay-Here places with super-high interest rates?"

No way! At
Frank Myers Auto Maxx, we offer unparalleled choice, power and expertise. While some dealerships can get you a loan, many can't find a car that will qualify for that loan! With our own finance company competing against more than 15 national lenders, we truly fight for your business! Couple that with one of the Triad's largest independent dealership inventories of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, we are sure to find you financing on a vehicle that fits within your budget.

"Pass Up A Night At The Movies... And Get Into The Car YOU NEED!"

For a LIMITED TIME, your $17 Acquisition Fee allows YOU to take over the LOW, EASY monthly payments of one of these Certified Pre-Owned Cars in this special liquidation fleet! For the price of a night at the movies, YOU can get the CAR YOU NEED! At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, we make it EASY and AFFORDABLE to get what YOU NEED!

"Ok, Frank I NEED A CAR and I don't want to miss out on this LIMITED TIME OFFER! It's midnight and you're closed! So what can I do NOW to make sure I get in on this?"

As always,
Frank Myers Auto Maxx makes it easy for our customers to get into the car they NEED. And, it's no different with this LIMITED TIME $17 Acquisition Fee Liquidation Event! It doesn't matter what time it is-- on the web, we're always open! Simply Click Here to begin the credit application! Remember, this is RISK-FREE! If we can't offer you financing, you get $1,000... GUARANTEED!