Monday, September 28, 2009

Government Screw Up Means You Can Stop Making Payments On A Car You Hate

National Used Car Inventory Hits Record Low. Local Dealer Says, “It’s A Buyer’s Market,” And Offers To Take Over Your Existing Payments While You Drive Home A Nicer, Newer Vehicle

WINSTON SALEM, NC – While some people are heralding the Cash For Clunkers program as a huge success, Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx says, “It was just a temporary fix. Now used car prices are sky high because the inventory is all dried up…but I have people lining up to buy cars. I need used cars and I need them fast!”

“Plus, I realize that a lot of people are still making payments on a car that’s turned into their worst nightmare. I want to end that nightmare for people and help them get going in a nicer, newer car,” continued Myers.

The national supply of pre-owned vehicles has hit a record low. That’s bad news for many Winston Salem residents, but Myers has turned it into a positive.

Myers says that the high prices at the auction have convinced him to be more generous than ever on trade-in valuation. “This means that anyone who is making payments on a car…no matter how old it is…can come in and get a completely free transparent trade appraisal, and we’ll offer to pay off your existing loan or lease, no matter how much you owe, so you can drive a nicer car.”

Myers continues, “Desperate times call for desperate measures. If I’m going to have to overpay for used cars, I’d rather give that money to my customers than to the auction. I know that’ll make them happy and then they’ll tell their friends and family. It’s a win-win-win.”

Many other area car dealers are close to putting up the “Closed” sign because they just can’t afford to get cars right now. Local residents have been commenting about the sparse look of many dealerships which is caused by lack of inventory.

Myers cautions, “If you’ve had credit problems in the past many dealers won’t be willing to help you right now…because they’re choosing to sell the few cars they have only to customers with the highest credit scores, or those who can pay cash.” But that’s not the way Frank Myers Auto Maxx does business. They’re known for working with customers who have had bad credit luck in the past and Myers assures us that that commitment is stronger than ever.

Myers explains, “We’re not going anywhere. And I’ve worked with thousands of good quality people who have run into tough times and made some mistakes with their credit. It’s my mission to help them get a nicer, newer car.”

“A lot of people think I have a crystal ball or something. But it’s just common sense. So I’ve been preparing and stocking up on high quality, desirable vehicles that people want to buy over the past several months. But right now, the demand is outpacing supply, so I figured I could beef up my supply by making ridiculous offers to buy my customers’ old cars and take over their payments.”

Myers says, “There are no games here. I need your car. So come on in, and let me make you an offer to take it off your hands so you can drive a nicer newer car even if you’ve had credit problems.”

As a final piece of good news, Frank Myers Auto Maxx is running a “Trunk Or Treat” contest all month long. Every car has candy, cash or prizes hidden in the trunk. Just take a test drive, pop the trunk, and you’ll win whatever is inside! To take advantage of this generous offer, visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC or call (336) 767-3432 to schedule an appointment.