Monday, January 25, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Now Hiring For 12 Positions

A Winston-Salem, NC car dealership has made an announcement that could potentially be a good sign for the used-vehicle industry. Frank Myers Auto Maxx said today it is looking for candidates to hire for roughly 12 store positions, with a majority being sales jobs.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is also looking to hire in service operations, the business office, purchasing and quality control.

The company empahsized that experience in the auto industry isn't required for most positions, and is offering both full- and part-time jobs. "At a time when unemployment is high and people may be thinking about a career change, we are proud to be offering quality jobs that offer training, development and excellent benefits at a company that has been recognized for being a great place to work," shared Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

"The current store position openings are part of our usual hiring each year to prepare for the spring and summer car-buying season," he added.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx recently made Business Leader magazine's "Top100 Small Businesses in North Carolina," again, marking the third year it has done so.

Officials noted that the benefits available at Frank Myers Auto Maxx includes health coverage, paid time off and life insurance.

The company said it encourages a "work-life balance" and also promotes a diverse work environment. Also available to employees are discounts on car purchases and other services.

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx is looking for candidates with high integrity, strong customer service skills, good problem-solving ability, and who have a willingness to work the varied hours of a retail work environment," explained Denise Ireland, director of Human Resources for the Frank Myers Corporation.

"We look forward to hiring a diverse, talented group of associates this year, and we are particularly interested in individuals with professional sales experience," she concluded.