Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Honesty Doesn't Quite Cut It

The last few years have certainly exposed us to a fundamental breakdown of trust in our society. While honesty is still alive in most American institutions, the lies and deception of these times has created an overwhelming climate of caution and mistrust. Trust takes many years of actions over words to establish. Admittedly, there is no substitute for honesty in business. But sometimes, honesty alone just isn't enough, not the only key to good decisions. An honest doctor can make the wrong prognosis, an honest broker can make a bad investment recommendation, and an honest car dealer may not offer the best value in a used car!

Knowledge and experience, coupled with integrity, usually results in good advice, good value. Here at
Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem we take enormous pride in not only the way we run our business with integrity, but also in the enormous value that each and every one of our customers derive from the decades of experience and knowledge that we bring to the table for you. We've accumulated this vast amount of knowledge and experience from the Myers family serving the people of the Traid for more than 82 years. We've assisted tens of thousands of good folks, just like you, with top notch financing for the transportation your family needs. We never have, and never will indulge in the fast profits that come from slick and deceptive sales promotions. We always have, and we always will, be here to serve you and your family, every day. With honesty, integrity AND experience!

Simply put, there is no one else in the car business that can offer you the value that we do. We just have the years and years of dedication to this community, the car business, and our customers that profoundly stands above the rest. We have the used cars, trucks, and SUV's that you really want, and we have the experience to help you get the best value available for your hard earned dollar.