Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Offers $1200 For Ugliest Car In Winston-Salem

Ugliest Car In The Triad Wins Cash
In The “Old Car Idol” Contest

As the TV sensation American Idol returns for what may be its last season, Triad residents get a chance to compete in a very unusual contest to find out who has the ugliest old car. The contest is called Old Car Idol and its being held at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

This month, Frank Myers Auto Maxx is offering a $1,200 cash prize to the person who brings in the ugliest, rattiest, nastiest old car. You DO NOT need to buy a car and you DO NOT need to trade in your old car to win.Whats more, EVERYBODY who enters the contest by bringing in an old car will be eligible to receive a $1,200 Old Car Idol Trade-In Bonus ON TOP of whatever the old car is actually worth.

Which means, if you bring in a beat up old car thats only worth $500, Frank Myers Auto Maxx will pay you $1,700 for that very same vehicle when you buy a nicer, newer, Certified car from their specially selected inventory.

There is no cap on the value of the vehicle traded. A $3,000 car will be worth $4,200. A $7,500 car will be worth $8,700. Even a $15,000 car will be worth $16,200. This is a very rare opportunity to get something for nothing while ridding your life of an old car you just cant stand anymore.

Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx said, American Idol is my familys favorite TV show. And were so excited the show is back and we want to share some of that excitement with the community! But in this contest were looking for WORST rather than the BEST. And great newslots of people can wind up driving a much newer, much nicer, Certified vehicle and theyll get a great value because of all the extra money we give them for their trade. This is win-win!

When asked why he would be willing to make such a valuable offer and give away such a significant cash prize, Myers responded, I'm a showman! And I want to create a spectacle down here at the dealership that will hopefully attract the attention of the media. Im willing to put my money where my mouth is. Who comes out ahead? The customer comes out ahead, and thats how it should be.

In addition to the Old Car Idol contest and trade-in bonus, the management at Frank Myers Auto Maxx has promised that if you do choose to buy a nicer, newer vehicle, your past credit problems will be ignored. My EVERYBODY RIDES Program means youve got a greater chance of getting approved for a nicer, newer car right now than you did anytime during 2009! Tracy Myers explained.

For additional fun, were inviting everyone who stops by to sing their best rendition of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye while standing in front of their old car. Just imagine how much fun it will be to kiss your old car goodbye after getting $1,200 more than its worth. Well video the singing, post the video to YouTube and youll get a chance to be a star. Everyone who sings the song on video will receive a special gift just for being a great sport! Myers concluded.

The Old Car Idol contest and $1,200 trade-in bonus will end at 3pm on Saturday February 27th. Fill out the entry form at to enter your ugly car in the contest or to apply for your $1,200 trade-in bonus .