Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Presents: "Beat The Dealer" - January 2010

Q: Instead of wanting to “Beat The Dealer” this month, I would like you to help me beat high gas prices. Can you give me any “Insider Secrets”? – J. Davis in Clemmons, NC

A: I don’t know of any real gas saving “secrets”, but I do have some good ol’ fashioned practical advice. One of the best ways to improve your fuel cost problem is to change your motoring habits. Avoid the following: “reving" the engine, starting and stopping engine needlessly, jack-rabbit starts and filling your gas tank to the top (overfilling results in sloshing over & out of tank). Some other good advice: Keep car tuned up, maintain air filter, inflate tires to maximum limit, buy gas during the coolest part of the day & keep windows closed when traveling highway speeds (Open windows cause air drag, reducing your mileage by 10%). Some bad news for all you self proclaimed speed demons out should NEVER exceed the legal speed limit. Primarily they are set for your traveling safety, however better gas efficiency also occurs. Traveling at 55 mph give you up to 21% better mileage when compared to former legal speed limits of 65 mph and 70 mph. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Tracy Myers has spent the past 15+ years trying to change the landscape of the car business and the bruised reputation of car salespeople all over the country. He is the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC. He is a Certified Master Dealer, the National Quality Dealer of the Year, one of top 28 dealerships in the Nation, and one of the top 3 dealerships to work for in the United States. He is the author of "Eight Keys to a Better Car Deal" and the best selling book "Car Buying Secrets Exposed - The Dirty Little Secrets of a Used Car Dealer", available at Tracy is a Christian business owner whose goal is to run his business "By The Book." Contact the Author: