Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Gives Away $500 To Heather Hall

Uncle Frank is at it again with his amazing wheels and crazy deals, and this time he gave Heather Hall a BIG check for $500! FREE money! All she did was tell a family member to buy their next car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. They did and Heather was a guaranteed winner!

You heard right.Whenever you refer a customer to us and they buy a car, you will be personally invited to our dealership to take a scratch at our jumbo prize card! Everybody is a winner.This means you are guaranteed to win...just like Heather did!

Hurry up and spread the word so you can claim your prize check before all the money is gone...or Uncle Frank comes to his senses and puts his money back in the bank. For more info, visit

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