Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No-Slow-Vember At Frank Myers Auto Maxx

http://www.FrankMyersAuto.com - Deal seekers, coupon clippers and bargain hunters listen up! I'm going to expose a dirty little holiday savings secret my Grandmother shared with me years ago and it could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

This secret is something most people never think about and businesses won't openly admit but knowing this secret can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars when you do your holiday shopping this year.

You see, November and December are huge selling months for some businesses like department stores and clothing stores but they’re really slow months for other businesses…especially car dealerships. In fact, November is one of the slowest months of the year for car dealers like me.

This is where Grandma’s secret comes in…
Grandma always said, “The secret to getting a great deal is buying when business is slow!” Knowing this secret caused her to do her holiday shopping early, before the rush, get her furnace fixed in the summer, have the pool repaired in the winter and buy school supplies after school had already started. She really knew how to find a bargain.

Now that you know Grandma’s secret and you know that the car business is historically very slow in November, your wheels should be turning. This is truly your chance to get a “something for nothing” deal if you play your cards right.

Being the owner of a car dealership, you may think that I’m upset about this. But I'm a positive guy and my business has been growing every month…so I'm not going to let this ugly holiday truth become my reality. I've decided to do whatever it takes to make sure that my November isn't a slooow-vember.

Frankly I’m desperate to keep up the sales pace here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and not become a victim of the dreaded “Slow-vember” so I’ve put together a remarkable program that makes this month the PERFECT time to buy a nicer, newer car…even if you haven’t been planning on buying a car right now. Even my Grandma would have jumped at this opportunity.

Because I'm going to do whatever it takes to sell 123 cars before Thanksgiving, Grandma’s recommendation would be to buy a car from me today. It just makes good sense to take advantage of such a rare deal.

Here's the No-slow-vemeber deal I've cooked up to save you big when you buy a nicer, newer Certified car this week from Frank Myers Auto Maxx and help me hit my goal of 123 vehicles sold before Thanksgiving.

No-slow-vember Super Deal #1: Normal Credit Qualification Requirements Reduced

I’m assuming part of the risk with the bank to help you get approved. All you need is current pay stubs showing you earn at least $350 per week and you could be approved. If you’ve had problems in the past with unpaid bills, divorce, repossession, bankruptcy, late payments, medical bills, student loans or anything like that, I want you to give us a chance to help. This month may just be your lucky break. My Grandma taught me that everybody deserves a second chance.

No-slow-vember Super Deal #2: I’ll Double Your Down Payment Up To $2,000. When you buy any Certified vehicle

That means if you put $200 down, I’ll add $200 and your down payment will be $400. If you choose to put $1000 down, I’ll add $1000 for a total of $2000. If you put down $2,000, I’ll match it and you’ll lower the financed cost of the vehicle by $4,000! This is incredible.

No-slow-vember Super Deal #3: Guaranteed Best Deal or I’ll Buy You Thanksgiving Dinner

Put me to the test. Come in, pick out a vehicle, make your best deal, find out how much we’ll add to your down payment, get your credit approval. Then look around. If you can find a better deal anywhere, I’ll buy you Thanksgiving Dinner. Come in and see us for details on this outrageous offer.

Please call 336-767-3432 right now to set an appointment or visit us today at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

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