Monday, September 19, 2011

FOX News Features Frank Myers Auto Maxx Owner

Turn back the hands of time for a moment. Pretend it's August of 2009. The federal government had rolled out "Cash For Clunkers" and Frank Myers Auto Maxx owner Tracy Myers was furious. That's when he decided to put his money - at least $50,000 - where his mouth is to provide a local used-car option for auto "clunkers."

Myers offered a $1,500 "cash for junkers" incentive over a vehicle's trade-in value as his way of protesting the federal "Cash for Clunkers" deal.

Myers, along with other local and state used-car dealers, said he believes that the federal program unfairly excludes used-car dealers. The program, which began July 24, requires the purchase of a new vehicle as part of its mission to take older, gas-guzzling vehicles off the road.

"I think that each American has the right to decide where to purchase their vehicle and what kind of vehicle to purchase," Myers said at the time.

The story, which was based in Winston Salem NC, got national attention and Myers was featured across the country as a guest on the FOX Business network.

The $50,000 represented the amount Myers was willing to spend on the program. He recouped most of the money from selling trade-in vehicles on the wholesale used-car market.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC 27105 and can be called at 336-767-3432. Their website is

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