Monday, September 19, 2011

Winston Salem Used Car Dealer Featured On NBC Affiliate

Winston Salem NC NBC affiliate WXII broadcast a news story about the bank bailout on September 18, 2008. Tracy Myers, the owner of Winston Salem used car dealer Frank Myers Auto Maxx, was interviewed about how the "credit crunch" was affecting automobile loans. Myers stated, "We've seen 4 or 5 dealers go out of business in the last month." 3 years later, Frank Myers Auto Maxx is not only still in business, but has seen 24 months of consecutive growth WITHOUT accepting any "bailout money" from the government.

The news segment is lengthy and worth watching, if only for the historical aspect. However, if you only want to view the Myers segment, forward the video to the 3:50 mark.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC. Call them at 336-767-3432. Visit their website at

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