Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beat The Dealer - September of 2008

This month, I begin a series designed to answer the age old question, “Should I buy new or used?” Enjoy.

Four Pros To Choosing Used

More Choices: The automotive market has been on fire these last few years and as I discussed before, the increased sale of new cars along with the spike in leasing and lease turn-ins flooded the used car market with an abundance of high quality, pre-owned, one to three year old cars, trucks, vans & suv’s at incredible prices.

Costs Less: Motor Trend Magazine states, “A new car may be very costly to own – most of all, because of depreciation. If you buy a used vehicle, you can help beat the high cost of depreciation and get more car for your buck at the same time.”

The average used car depreciates by 15% during the first year of ownership and 13% during the second year. Pre-owned vehicles do not suffer that same dilemma. You come out the winner.

Better Reliability: If you are buying a one to four year old vehicle you may be covered for a time by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Most used vehicles don’t have the same warranties offered on new cars by the factory but most manufacturers’ warranties are transferable with the sale of a vehicle at no cost to the buyer. Many certified pre-owned vehicles offer pre-owned car buyers with additional coverage they can count on.

Good As New: Certified pre-owned programs were created as a result of dealerships being overloaded with late-model used cars coming off leases written two or three years ago. To move all these used vehicles off their lots, dealers are transforming the cars and trucks into cream puffs and then wrapping them in the security blanket of a warranty (for example, Certified Vehicles at Frank Myers Auto Maxx have a Free Lifetime Warranty).

Coming next month: “4 Pros To Choosing New”

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