Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Who Is To Blame For High Gas Prices?"

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports says that motorists are feeling the pain at the pump, and it is impacting their lifestyles and shaping future car buying habits. The "Auto Pulse" survey revealed some very interesting answers.In his explanation, Jeff Bartlett, Deputy Editor Online, Autos, said "With fuel prices and the upcoming presidential election dominating headlines, we thought it would be interesting to see how these issues intersect." So, Consumer Reports researchers conducted a random, nationwide telephone survey of nearly 900 adults aged 18 years or older who drive and whose household owns at least one vehicle. Their responses were quite interesting: In fact, 77 percent of the respondents blame the Government's failure to implement an effective energy policy; 75 percent blame the oil companies; and 70 percent blame the foreign oil makers.

When asked how to fix these high prices, consumers enthusiastically suggested a range of solutions. Among their answers, 90 percent advise increased support for alternative energy development, 84 percent would negotiate lower prices with oil-exporting nations, and 83 percent would encourage conservation through tax incentives, alternative transportation. While the results of the survey to be quite interesting, the comments made in the corresponding blog are the most intriguing. On this page, we have an opportunity to read more than just prefabricated answers and statistics; we are given an opportunity to share in their true opinions, which range from quite astute, to perhaps a bit fanatical. Regardless of their perspective, many of their responses are actually quite educational. One mother shared her perspective. "Amy's" defense of SUV's and two-car families is certainly understandable, when she says "With 3 children in car seats, I require a larger vehicle. I wanted a more fuel efficient vehicle, but that wasn't an option in the American made market at the time. I try to walk or ride my bike, but most stores are now closing that were within the distances I can go with 3 children in tow. I'm doing my part by planning ahead to try and get all my errands done in one circuit when I do need to drive.""Master D" blames our lifestyle, when he says "Congressional pandering to special interests of all types, increased demand from China and India, inadequate support for research on fossil, nuclear and alternative energy, restrictions on oil/gas exploration and generally lack of astute leadership."

One of the most responses was posted by "Ken," who scathingly says "Have your cake and eat it too. Low taxes big benefits. Gas guzzling SUV and cheap gas. Americans are like a bunch of spoiled rotten children whose mommy and daddy never say no. Now they're all crying their little eye's out becuase they can't afford their dredit card lifestyles anymore. Hopfully Uncle Ming and Uncle Achmed will finally get us to wake up before it's too late." Don't hold back there, Kenny!The broad range of responses on this page will have you enthusiastically nodding your head in some places, and angry in others. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, they are all enlightening. Who do you think is to blame for our high gas prices? And do you have suggestions of your own about how to solve the problem?
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