Monday, November 10, 2008

Beat The Dealer - November of 2008

Why You Aren’t Driving The Car You Want To Drive: Part 2

The First Problem Keeping You From Your Dream Car: Price
For some Americans, price is the primary concern when shopping for a vehicle. They may have arranged financing through a personal source, like a bank or a relative, or they may be paying cash. Their mission is to find the vehicle they want at the lowest price possible.

In order to be successful in their mission, a person need not be concerned with their trade in. They shouldn’t be worried about low interest rates. They don’t need to be talking about payments.

All of these issues confuse the car buying negotiation process. A dealer will be more willing to lower the price of a vehicle if she knows that the deal will be simple and seamless. No financing to deal with, no trade in to appraise.
So if you’re a price buyer with outside financing or cash, be upfront about your situation and ask for a speedy transaction and a low price.

The Second Problem Keeping You From Your Dream Car: Payment
If you are arranging financing through the dealer, and aren’t concerned about your credit or the state of your trade in, you’re likely to be primarily concerned with the payment.

If that’s your situation, you should explain your goal to the salesperson.
Ultimately, a professional automobile sales person will be highly interested in quickly completing a transaction.

If you’ve chosen a professional and courteous dealership, by presenting your goals you can join forces to find the best solution.

Leave the haggling out of the equation, and instead examine all the options that will allow you to arrive at the payment you have in mind.

Coming Next Month: “Why You Aren’t Driving The Car You Want To Drive: Part 3”

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