Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank Goodness For The Good Guys

Local Businessman Honors Triad Residents Who Pay Their Bills
by Freelance Writer: James Venezio

Winston Salem - Thank goodness for the people who pay their bills. In tough economic times everyone’s talking about the people who are getting foreclosed on, being evicted, defaulting on their debts and falling on hard times. But what about the people who are struggling but still pay their bills, live up to their responsibilities and honor their commitments? Shouldn’t there be some relief and recognition for those people?

Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx says, “Nobody ever seems to take the time
to thank the folks who work hard and pay their bills (the majority of the people). It’s these hard-working, responsible people who keep our economy going. My hat goes off to you and all the other good people out there who are keeping this great country alive.”

In response to this, Myers has created a special event to honor local residents who have a good payment history, a desire to keep the economy strong and stable and really want to upgrade their vehicle to a nicer, newer, more fuel efficient vehicle.

The event is called the Thank Goodness For The Good Guys Thanksgiving Sale

Myers believes that all the good guys out there need some relief. That’s why he’s put together this unique and unusual Thanksgiving sale. Who exactly was this event designed for? says for the “good people.” We forced him to be more specific and he gave us this criteria.
►Someone who is driving a car that’s more
than 3 years old…
►Someone who works hard to make your
payments on time…
►Someone who wants a nicer, newer, more
fuel-efficient vehicle…

“To make my point loud and clear, this month I’m having a different kind of THANKSGIVING SALE. I’m giving thanks to all the responsible men and women (business owners, teachers, nurses, factory workers, sales professionals, military personnel, emergency services, and on and on) who wake up early every day, drive a car that they don’t really like to work, bust their tail all day, then come home and try to spend time with family, have a little dinner and put their kids down to bed—all the while making their payments on time,” says Myers.

Residents who take advantage of the sale and go to Frank Myers Auto Maxx to be honored will get access to some special deals that aren’t usually offered.

“I want to help you trim down your budget and ease some of the financial pressure you may be feeling. So I’ve hand picked some top quality, fuel-efficient vehicles and made them all available by paying a $17 acquisition fee and taking over the low monthly payments from the bank…starting at just $187 per month. By combining a super low down payment, and a very low monthly payment with a fuel-efficient, top quality vehicle, you can cut your transportation in half. This will help you save money now…when you need it most,” boasts Myers.

The economic crisis is affecting not only the residents of the Triad but businesses too. The automakers have been hit hard. This year is shaping up to be the worst year for the automotive industry since 1993. Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, reports that the motivation to sell cars is higher than ever and that the people who have kept their commitments are now the prime borrows. These in demand car buyers will now be handsomely rewarded by the banks, finance companies and Myers, himself.

“By buying a car during my Thank Goodness For The Good Guys Thanksgiving Sales Event you can actually SAVE money. I know that almost doesn’t make any sense. But follow me on this. One of my goals for this special sales event is that I actually help you cut your monthly budget not increase it. Unlike the candidates in the past election I actually have a real concrete plan for making this a reality for you.” When you purchase a car during this sales event, Myers has a plan to save you money and get you into a nicer, newer car right away.
►We’ll take over your existing loan or
►We’ll help you pick our a new, nicer,
more fuel-efficient vehicle that will fit
your budget better…
►You’ll enjoy fair, flexible, fixed rate financing…
►You’ll save money on gas!
Combine all these savings and it can add up to a 50% reduction in your current transportation costs. PLUS we’ll give you a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee!

Myers explains, “It’s you folks who have kept us going and I say ‘phooey’ to the idea that you should suffer or do without because some fat cat bankers were greedy or people you don’t even know defaulted on their loans!”

Due to current economic conditions many people are nervous and skeptical about making a buying decision. Myers warns that this behavior is what puts us further into the red and deeper into economic turmoil.

“I want everyone to know that they are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I believe it’s just plain un-American for someone who lives up to their responsibilities to get penalized because of greedy fat cat bankers and someone they don’t even know who couldn’t pay their bills. And I also believe its not fair that you have to drive a car that you don’t like, that costs more than it should and puts financial strain on your family’s budget,” explains Myers.

“But you better hurry. The Thank Goodness For The Good Guys Thanksgiving Sales Event is going on this month only and when you come in and take a VIP Test Drive I’ll give you a FREE $300 gas voucher, or you can opt for Myers to donate a turkey to the local food bank. Your choice. ”

An amazing deal, a good heart and a wholesome thank you right when the people of the Triad need it most. Thank goodness for the good guys like Myers and Frank Myers Auto Maxx.