Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In a Time of Economic Uncertainty, Frank Myers Auto is Flourishing

NOTE: The following profile appears in the June 2009 issue of Business Leader Magazine. Enjoy!
Winston-Salem, NC - While other auto dealerships are closing their doors – a result of an economic meltdown from which they could not recover – Frank Myers Auto is thriving. That’s by design, says Tracy Myers, owner and Certified Master Dealer. “The automotive industry is in shambles, primarily from lack of consumer financing,” he says. “Frank Myers Auto is different.”

In 2000, the auto industry experienced something eerily similar to the auto industry’s current malaise. Financial institutions that offered financing for customers with imperfect credit started dropping like flies. “And they almost took us down with them,” says Myers. “We made a decision then to NEVER allow another entity to hold our success or failure in its hands.” In order to keep that vow, Frank Myers Auto developed some innovative programs that continue to keep them successful and triumphant despite adverse economic conditions.

Through its Everybody Rides program, Frank Myers Auto continues to outsell the competition and has earned nearly every award under the sun, including being named one of the top 28 auto dealerships in the nation and the only Certified Master Dealer in the Triad. Tracy Myers himself earned the coveted National Quality Dealer of the Year – the youngest recipient ever. “We opened our own finance company named Credit Quick of Winston-Salem and started our Everybody Rides program,” says Myers. “We want complete control over our success and how we treat our customers.”

At the foundation of their signature program is a simple premise – Frank Myers can finance every customer, and if they can’t, they’ll give them a $1,000 credit. Sound risky? Not really. Everybody Rides has one of the lowest repossession rates in the county – eight to 12 percent versus the national average of nearly 25 percent and rising – largely because credit counselors at dealerships continue to work with clients long after the deal is closed. “Most people with credit issues want to pay, but they may not know how to manage their money,” says Myers. “Our financing specialists show them a way to make car payments every month.” Within 30 months, customers can own a late model car free and clear and are able to graduate to something newer at a lower interest rate. Clients build a relationship with the people at Frank Myers and many who could buy elsewhere choose to stay. “We always put the customer first,” says Myers. “It’s that simple.”

That’s also why Myers opened the new automotive service center at the dealership in Winston-Salem. “Because of the economic downturn, more people are keeping their cars longer. To do that, they will need more general car maintenance. We created Frank Myers Car Care Center to help our customers keep up on general maintenance from oil changes, tune ups and brakes to more involved repairs such as transmission and engine work,” he says.

More than 80 years ago, Tracy Myers’ great grandfather opened the first Frank Myers store. Today, Frank Myers Auto has been hailed as the Disney World of car buying. Popcorn, balloons, fresh gourmet coffee and a weekly family fun night where customers can view large-screen movies and eat pizza for free are a part of an ambiance that attracts people. What keeps them there is much greater than that, though. In addition to the Everybody Rides program, Frank Myers Auto offers a variety of incentives and discounts for local heroes through its Unsung Heroes program – from stay-at-home parents to local firefighters and soldiers. And sales people are rewarded on customer satisfaction and service rather than commission. “If customers are working with a commissioned sales agent,” says Myers, “that agent is thinking about the commission rather that the customer. Our agents are trained to help a client find just the right car for his or her needs.”

The company also offers a 48-hour money-back guarantee, 160-point mechanical safety inspection and a free lifetime engine warranty. “Helping people is what it’s all about,” says Myers. “I wake up every day excited about the number of people I get to help.”


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