Monday, December 28, 2009

Consumer Trends Prove: “Used Is The New New In 2010”

Local dealer fuels bargain buying frenzy by hosting a “Happy Used Year Scratch & Dent Special Event”
with savings of up to 50% OFF original MSRP.”

Consumer buying experts and bargain hunters agree that as the economy continues to improve and people like you start buying again, most buyers will make smarter decisions about how to spend their hard-earned money.

For instance, right now, driving a car that’s just a few years old is considered fashionable and responsible.

So few cars have been sold in the past three years that these slightly used cars often look just as new, fresh and current as their brand new counterparts. And with the right contacts, a buyer can score a used car right now for up to 50% OFF what it was just recently worth.

Local automotive expert, Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx, explains, “It’s all about who you know. Many dealers don’t know how to source the right inventory or price their cars fairly. Those aren’t the people you want to know. You should look for a dealer that studies consumer-buying patterns and understands what people want. That’s how you’ll end up getting a car for almost half price…simple as that.”

EXPOSED: What Really Happens On A Car Lot

Over the past three years, with so few cars being sold, vehicles have spent more time on dealership lots than ever before. Tracy Myers recognized this trend and has found a way for you to benefit:

“When cars spend too much time at the dealership, they end up getting moved around a lot. They get moved from the front row to the middle row. From the left side to the right side. They get taken on lots of test drives. Ultimately they end up getting little scratches and dings and then they’re cast aside.”

“Well, to me that seemed like a huge opportunity to help lots of people who want a nicer, newer vehicle, but can’t afford or can’t get approved for a brand new car. So we’ve gathered up as many of the scratch & dent models as we could find and have marked them down as much as 70% off what they were recently worth!”

Currently at Frank Myers Auto Maxx, you’ll find a special selection of certified scratch & dent vehicles set aside with preferential pricing. All scratches and all dings are clearly marked for your careful inspection before you buy. Most blemishes are barely perceptible. Of course, the bigger the ding, the bigger the discount. The more it’s scratched, the more you’ll save.

Scratch & Dent Cars – Up To 50%

Scratch & Dent SUVs – Up To 50% OFF

Scratch & Dent Minivans – Up To 50% OFF

Scratch & Dent Trucks – Up To 50% OFF

They’re all mildly scratched and dented but they’re in near-new condition with a warranty!

“Right now I’ve got a bunch to choose from, but they’re going fast. It really could be just a matter of days before my entire scratch & dent supply is gone, so you’ll want to get here very soon. Plus, to make the deal even better, when you trade in your existing car, you’ll receive up to $1,000 more than it’s normally worth,” said Tracy Myers.

Customers With Credit Considerations Have No Need To Worry

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is staffed with trained credit professionals who have made special arrangements with local and national banks to help you get approved. “My EVERYBODY RIDES Program means that you’ll get a fair shot at the credit you deserve no matter what kinds of mistakes you’ve made in the past,” exclaimed Tracy Myers.

Not Your Typical Car Dealer

Myers is not your typical car dealer. In his words, "I'm a car dealer FOR THE PEOPLE!" As many of us know, most car dealers are out to sell their wares and operate like a common street vendor.

Myers is cut from a different cloth and is going out of his way to not just say he/she's different but to prove it. "Innovative solutions like my Everybody Rides Program, my 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee and my FREE Lifetime Warranty makes my dealership stand head and shoulders over all others. No one else offers anything close to what I do… nobody," boasts Myers.

Myers is an automotive transportation and finance expert as well as a consumer advocate, and author of several consumer reports like 8 Keys To A Better Car Deal.

Happy Used Year Scratch & Dent Special Event With Savings Of Up To 50% OFF

The “Happy Used Year Scratch & Dent Special Event” is going on right now and absolutely ends January 31st or when the exclusive supply of scratch & dent vehicles runs dry… whichever comes first.

So hurry in to Frank Myers Auto Maxx today for best selection and biggest discounts, located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC. Or call 336-767-3432 and ask for Nancy to schedule an appointment to view our big saving area of scratch & dent vehicles.

Plus...visit our website by clicking HERE & fill out the No Obligation form to receive an exclusive list of additional scratch & dent vehicles that won’t be available to the general public.