Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have A No-Cost Christmas At Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Can I tell you a surprising story of uncommon, heartwarming holiday giving?

The other day, I received a very personal letter that was addressed to none other than Santa Claus.

It's a very personal and heartfelt letter and you may be wondering how I acquired it. It's kind of a long story so let's just say a little elf gave it to me. Needless to say I was very touched when I read it and I'm sure you will be too.

The reality is, children all over the country are writing letters just like this because their families have been hit with difficult times due to tightening credit restrictions and nervous financial institutions. I don't want for children to have to choose between a car and Christmas.

It's because of this letter that I'm doing this and writing to tell you about it. So please give me a minute. It could help many local families have a better Christmas … maybe even yours.

After reading Jamie's letter, I had to help this little girl and her family out. But I knew there were many other families in a similar situation. So I established a private fund to pay for Christmas for deserving families who buy a nicer, newer, Certified car this month. We're calling this the "Cringle Fund."

Simply put, when you buy a Certified car this month from Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Christmas is covered.

That’s a huge relief for the thousands of local people who want a nicer, newer car right now, but are unsure of how to manage their holiday gift-giving budget at the same time.

I'm calling this program No-Cost Christmas because when you buy a Certified car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in December, you won’t have to make a payment on the nicer, newer vehicle you desperately need and really want until after the Holidays…

PLUS you’ll get up to $1,500 to use to buy gifts for your family and friends, take a vacation, decorate your house, give back to the community, or whatever else you’d like to do to celebrate the season.

A New Approach That Saves You Money
I've been a busy little elf these last couple of months putting together new programs that will save you big money and give you a new opportunity to get a nicer, newer vehicle even if you've had credit problems in the past.

It’s my EVERYBODY RIDES Program!
I’ve reinvented my entire business to be 100 percent focused on the customer, the people, and their needs and desires.

I feel like Scrooge waking up after being visited by the three spirits. I have a whole new way of looking at the car business and I want to help as many people in Winston-Salem as I can.

I know that there are people out there right now who want (or even need) to drive a nicer vehicle, but are waiting because they’re worried about paying for the Holidays.

The Cringle Fund Can Pay For Your Christmas
So I have eliminated that worry by offering to cover the costs of having a beautiful Christmas so you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

The reality is that we have had a successful year. Together, I believe we can make a difference nationwide and attract the attention of national news media.

I've created a private fund we’re calling “The Cringle Fund.” This offer of a No-Cost Christmas is being made by me…but only until the Cringle Fund runs dry.

Changing The National Perception
Some people have misconceptions about car dealers. Some rotten apples have really spoiled it for the bunch, and we’ve all gotten a bad reputation because of it.

I’m working hard to right the wrongs and show people that car dealers and other business owners can be kind hearted and giving.

Interestingly, what most people don’t even realize is that local businessmen like me are often the engine behind the community’s charitable contributions and the private financial support system for local giving.

This Offer Is Good Even For People

With Credit Problems
Also important to note is my EVERYBODY RIDES Program found exclusively at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. This program ensures that all people, regardless of past credit issues, are treated equal and fairly and get to play on a level playing field.

I realize that all of us run into bad luck eventually. It’s just not fair to make some people suffer because they’ve run into hard times. So we fight every day to help hard working, honest people get approved for the car loans they really need right now. It’s all part of our approach to doing business.

Not Just For Car Buyers
Even if your family doesn’t need a nicer, newer car right now, you should still plan a visit to Frank Myers Auto Maxx this month.

I’m ready to help everybody this month…whether you buy a car or not. We’ve stocked the store with free toys for little kids and big kids (even Moms and Dads) that we’re happy to give away just for stopping by and saying hi.

My mission is to bring a smile to everyone’s face this season. So please come by and see us and let us share some of our Holiday spirit with you and give you a toy to help make Christmas morning brighter.

To accept my uncommon offer, visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx right away. The offer absolutely expires on December 24, but will only last until the Cringle Fund runs dry, which some experts anticipate could happen within the next 3 days.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC 27105. Please call 336-767-3432 to make an appointment and check to see if funds are still available.

Here’s What You Need To Know
 No need to choose between a car or Christmas. You can have both.
 Buy a certified car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx this month and get up to $1,500 to cover Holiday expenses.
 Don’t make a payment until after the Holidays.
 All customers treated equally despite past credit problems.
 Offer available until December 24 or until the funds run dry, whichever comes first.
 Call (336) 767-3432 to check availability and schedule and appointment.

Oh! One more thing.

Come on down in the next week and I'll give you a toy just to help make your Christmas a little brighter. You can wrap it and put it under your tree or give it to someone who may need it. It's free. It's just my way of making things a little brighter for all this holiday season. Just bring this letter with you when you come.

Happy Holidays,

Tracy Myers, CMD
Frank Myers Auto Maxx

P.S. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx