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Triad Business Leader Profile on Frank Myers Auto Maxx - April of 2010

- The following profile will appear in the April 2010 Edition of Triad Business Leader Magazine. We hope you enjoy it and would appreciate your feedback.

Running a car dealership is a difficult task, especially nowadays that consumers have become more particular with regards to their wants and needs. The economy has changed as well, only making it more of a challenge for automobile salespersons to find clients. Nevertheless, there are a number of businesses who seem have already mastered the tricks of the trade, and through the acquisition of these strategies, are withstanding the test of time—given the state of the economy and numerous different challenges that come up.

Tracy Myers is the current owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, a successful car dealership that has been servicing its clients for numerous decades. The story of the first Frank Myers shop started 82 years ago, when it was founded by Tracy’s great grandfather, Frank. The shop’s automotive wholesale division was established later on in 1988, and two short years later, the retail division was set up. “Frank Myers Auto Maxx specializes in helping individuals and families find, qualify for and own the vehicles of their dreams with little or no money, and even with less than perfect credit,” Tracy claims.

Unlike most car dealerships who have failed to deliver, thus resulting to a bad reputation amongst its clientele, Frank Myers Auto Maxx ensures its customers personal and high quality service. According to Tracy, other car dealerships focus too much on offering tangible products. As an automotive transportation and financing expert, Tracy has had his fair share of unpleasant encounters with car dealership customers. However, one important thing he learned is that the customers are usually infuriated with the whole car shopping experience, rather than the dealership itself. “The customers are simply taking it out on us. The key is to let them vent and then prove to them that we're not like all the other dealerships,” Tracy shares. He quotes and agrees with Uncle Frank when he said that “the proof is in the pudding”.

Thus, what Tracy did, and is still doing nowadays is provide their customers that little something that sets Frank Myers Auto Maxx apart from other dealerships—an excellent car shopping experience. Customers get the opportunity to enjoy a delightful culture, as the venue includes the free-of-charge “Starbucks-like” gourmet coffee bar, the free arcade for the kids, as well as the kids at heart, and even the family-friendly movies that are being displayed on the wide screen televisions altogether completed with free movie popcorn.

Amidst all the special freebies this dealership offers is really the high quality services they provide. All of the vehicles undergo a 160-point mechanical and safety inspection prior to offering it for sale. Apart from this, all certified cars come with a free lifetime warranty, their so-called “Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee”, and a free vehicle history report on any car. “We also opened our own finance company in 2000-2001 and created our “Everybody Rides” program which offers folks with bruised credit, or maybe even a first time buyer with no credit, an opportunity to finance a car when no one else will,” Tracy adds.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx makes sure to create innovative promos that cater to all types of people, and are suitable for the current times. At present, the said dealership has its “Unsung Heroes” program for members of the society that includes all branches of the military, educators, firefighters and law enforces, stay at home, foster and single parents, clergy and church volunteers, healthcare professionals, farmers, government employees, social workers, waiters and waitresses, and straight ‘A’ students. These are people considered as main contributors to the community, and are being offered reduced down payments, 90 days to first payment through participating lenders, free gas with purchase, free first oil change, as well as additional discounts and reduced interest rate opportunities.

With their inventive promos and creative strategies resulting to a different kind of car shopping experience, it is no longer a wonder that Frank Myers Auto Maxx has garnered numerous recognitions including being one of the Top 50 Independent Car Dealerships in the United States, as well as being chosen as one of the best three car dealerships to work for in the nation. According to Tracy, his father taught him to surround himself with the best people in the industry. Thus, he makes certain that the dealership is composed of only the finest. “One of our biggest successes is in our hiring practices. We rarely hire anyone that has sold cars before and never pay our sales pros commission. They get paid a salary plus bonuses for providing an excellent customer experience,” Tracy asserts.

As a proud Christian Business Owner, one of Tracy’s goals is to run his company “By the Book”. Unlike other corporations and institutions who boast of their community involvements, Tracy prefers to keep his and his company’s participation to themselves. “My company and I are heavily involved in the community but would rather not publicize it. To me, publicizing it takes away from the effectiveness,” Tracy claims.

Publishing his own consumer advocacy book entitled “Car Buying Secrets Exposed” which became a best-seller, Tracy fearlessly proved to his competition that he is not in the business for them, but for his consumers, as he aims to change the way customers see car dealerships especially with the tarnished reputation car salespeople have nowadays.

“Late 2009 saw the introduction of a full automotive service center and an auto-rental division. The key to our continued success will be listening to our customers and giving them the car shopping experience that they want and not giving them what we want them to have. Much like a successful marriage, the lines of communication between Frank Myers Auto Maxx and our customers must remain travel both ways for both parties to remain happy,” Tracy shares. He quotes his great grandfather’s saying, “If there's no customer experience at your business then your customer will seek their experience elsewhere”. With the quality of services this dealership offers, customers will most definitely be looking at the same place for years to come.

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