Monday, January 26, 2009

Frank Myers Auto Maxx - "Why You Aren't Driving The Car You Want To Drive/Part 3

Why You Aren’t Driving The Car You Want To Drive: Part 3

The Third Problem Keeping You From Your Dream Car: Credit

An estimated 70% of Americans have bad credit. Don’t be embarrassed. Good things happen to bad people.

Most people with bad credit incorrectly ASSUME they can’t buy a car. Perhaps they’ve been turned down in the past. But bad credit isn’t enough to keep a professional, caring, and courteous dealership from placing you into the proper vehicle you and your family deserve.

A savvy dealer with appropriate experience and relationships will be able to connect you with a number of different financing sources and options regardless of your credit situation.

So if you’ve had credit problems in the past or have been turned down before, don’t let that be a deterrent.

If you have concerns about your credit, call a few dealerships and ask to speak with a special financing specialist. Arrange an appointment for you to come to the dealership and speak with that person about your situation and discuss potential options.

The Fourth Problem Keeping You From Your Dream Car: Down Payment

In today’s fragile marketplace, many lenders like to see as much as a 33% down payment…even with good credit.

You may have looked at the cost of vehicles today and thought, “I can’t afford a $3,300 down payment for that $10,000 car I want.”

Don’t sweat it. Neither can most people.

Fact is, there are many finance programs available which allow you to make only the first monthly payment plus pay for taxes, tags and title documentation fees at the time of purchase – or in some case – put no money down.

You need to work with professional, courteous, and caring dealership personnel who can help carefully place you with an appropriate finance program to meet your needs.

Coming Next Month: “Why You Aren’t Driving The Car You Want To Drive: Part 4”

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