Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

As The Song Goes, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…Breaking Up Around Valentines Day Is Even Harder…But Sometimes You Just Gotta Do it.

It’s Over!

Don’t cry. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s my fault. But we can still be friends. Blah, blah blah.
Hopefully you won’t hear any of that kind of talk from your significant other. But I do think it’s time for you to make a move so I wanted to load your lips with some suggestions for doing the dirty deed. Breaking up around Valentine’s Day can be very hard to do but sometimes it’s necessary. I think right now is one of those times.
Let me give you a four more Valentine’s break up tips.
1. Break up on a Post It Note
2. Break up on voice mail
3. Break up via email, twitter or text
4. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx before February 28th

“My relationship is great.” “I’m not even in a relationship.” Great, that’s not what this letter is about. This letter is about breaking up with your old car and falling head over heals in love with a nicer, newer vehicle. This is the month to be in love and chances are you’re driving a car you’re not in love with. In fact you just might…

Don’t Settle! There I said it.

Too many people settle for something less than they deserve only because they don’t know any better. It’s a shame. Criminal in fact! Why put up with a bad relationship? Why stay with a car you can’t stand? If your current car doesn’t fulfill your needs, wants, dreams and desires…DUMP IT! Kick its lame butt to the curb and start fresh.

Not all cars are pigs, you know. You can have a wonderful relationship with a car. One that’s chock full of excitement and fun. Imagine a relationship with a car you can rely on through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, till engine trouble do you part. You deserve a car you love to show off to your friends and family. How about a car the neighbors drool over? A trophy car. When you settle, everyone suffers.
Double Tax Refund Means More To Love

Many singles (not currently in a relationship with a car) or “wanna-be” singles (wish they weren’t in a relationship with a car right now) are shopping around these days. People love to shop but with the way the economy is right now, they’re reluctant to buy. They think it’s not a smart time to spend money on a car. They think the economy is bad and they believe there isn’t any financing available right now. Hummmmm…

I can’t help but wonder… are you worried about making a bad financial decision more than making a bad vehicle relationship decision? Don’t worry! Savvy investors, the media and experts alike all agree now IS the best time EVER to buy a car.

True, things are tough in the auto industry. You’ve probably heard and read about the Big Three automakers getting government assistance. That really doesn’t affect me here at [your dealership]. I’m not getting a bail out or a check from the government.

Here’s the good news for you. Because some many fewer cars are being sold, I’m able to buy’em and sell’em cheaper than every before. It’s supply and demand. Right now supply is high and demand is low. So they gotta go and I’m extremely motivated to sell cars.

Plus, if you bring in your final paystub of 2008, we’ll file your taxes on the spot and DOUBLE your REFUND toward a down payment on a nicer, newer vehicle you’ll love to own and be passionate about driving every single day. I’m not getting government money but the least I can do is help you get more.

Cupid Credit

If you’re not feeling the love because you’ve got bad credit or have had credit problems in the past, listen up. I’ve still got a few arrows in my quiver and can help you get the financing you want, need and deserve. Believe it or not, there are still banks out there lending and they would love, absolutely adore approving you for auto credit. As a matter of fact, if me and my team of Automotive Finance Experts can't offer you a finance solution...Uncle Frank will pay you $1,000...GUARANTEED!

I’m here to help you get connected with the right financing sources so you can get approved and secure rates and terms that make sense for your current situation. This is work, but that’s why I’m here. I love helping people just like you get connected with a car and financing that they can feel good about.

Right now Cupid Credit is in full effect and combined with our double tax refund program, you’re bad credit shouldn’t be a big deal at all. Give me a chance to hook you up with a nicer, newer vehicle you’ll love. You’ll see… Love is a powerful thing.

Breaking Up Isn’t Easy, So I’m Here To Help

Look, I know breaking up isn’t easy to do. Even if it’s with a vehicle you don’t really like. It’s a big step and after being in a bad relationship it’s scary to jump head first into another one (even if they are drop dead gorgeous and purr like a kitten).

Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here. I’m an expert. An automotive matchmaker. Most people don’t like blind dates, so come down and let me introduce you to a few hot numbers.

1. I’ll help you break up with your old car and get you into a nicer, newer vehicle you’ll love to own for the about the same monthly payment or possibly even less.
2. We’ll file your tax refund on the spot and DOUBLE your tax refund toward you down payment on ANY Certified vehicle.
3. We’ll use our Cupid Credit to find a bank or finance company who would love to approve you and give you the automotive financing you need.

Break up with that old car you hate and fall in love with a nicer, newer vehicle right now. Find your soul vehicle – your perfect match. But remember, this offer will be gone with the season of love. You must call or come in for a date with your potential new love by February 28th.

So come in and visit me today, or give me a call. My Break Up With Your Old Car Double Tax Refund Sale is going on this month only!

P.S. When you come in and take a test drive I’ll give you a fantasy getaway vacation for 2 to gorgeous Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that you can keep or give as a Valentine’s Gift. Quantities are limited so act fast! See you soon!

P.S.S. We'll double your tax refund on any Certified vehicle up to $1,000.
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