Tuesday, February 3, 2009

President Gives Loan Bailout to All Triad Car Buyers

President Gives Loan Bailout to All Triad Car Buyers
“Yes, you can get a car loan, right now, today!”

Forget all those news stories you’ve heard about how you can’t get a loan to buy a car. It may be true someplace, or even most places, but it’s not true here! My name is Tracy Myers, president of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, and I am obviously frustrated by all the lies about credit crunches and big bank failures. I know people want to get new cars and I know people can afford to pay for them, but the media is scaring them away and I’m fighting mad. They don’t even come out and look – and that’s a big mistake.”

Plenty of Cars and Plenty of Money to Lend
When customers do check out the cars at my dealerships, they find that financing is available on the spot­ -‑ for buyers with good credit, and folks with not-so-good credit, too. They get their loans at competitive rates with no hassle and drive home in the car of their choice.

How does my team do it when the big car companies are begging for handouts in Washington and turning away good customers all over the country? There’s no magic here. Ever since my great grandfather started the Frank Myers tradition of excellence more than 80 years ago, our main goal has been to make it easy and fun for people to get the cars they want. Plus, we keep our business local, sharing as much as possible with other businesses here in the Triad. That’s why we offer two kinds of loans that haven’t been affected at all by the worldwide financial crisis – these loans are available to anyone who wants to buy a car today.

My dealerships own their own finance company and maintain longstanding relationships with a network of credit unions in the Triad and surrounding communities. Both of these locally based loan programs have money ready to lend.
No Credit Crisis Here
Forget about all the big bank messes in Charlotte and New York. We’ve got money to lend right here, right now, to bail out every Triad driver who wants to own a quality car. Purchasers can fill out easy application forms as soon as they decide on the car they want. Our Worry Free Approval Process usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Help Yourself and Help the Country
The best way for America to get through this financial crisis is for Americans to believe we’re going to get through it. And that means continuing to work hard, love their families and buy the things they need. My job as a businessman is to do everything I can to make it possible for them to do that.

Low Prices, Too
In addition to readily available financing, my dealerships have a huge selection of late model cars in all brands and sizes from subcompact to SUV. And all are offered at some of the lowest prices in memory because demand has been down and we have a lot of inventory that has to move. That means our customers get the benefit of lower prices along with great selection.

I have gone out of my way to create a pleasant and satisfying experience for Auto Maxx car shoppers. Our Non-Commissioned Sales Professionals are trained to be helpful and there’s never any pressure because they’re not on commission. Free popcorn, coffee, video games and movies on the wide screen tv are always available.

Clean Up With FREE Car Washes For Life
To make sure you feel you’ve really ‘cleaned up’ when you buy a car from us, I’ve got an extra special Bailout Offer: I’m giving away free car washes for life to the first 49 customers who buy between now and February 28. And when I say ‘for life’ I mean it. You get free washes on the car you buy now for the rest of your life!

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is located at 4200 North Patterson Ave., Winston-Salem. Visit http://www.frankmyersauto.com/ or call 866-242-1277 for more information.