Saturday, October 11, 2008

Local Car Dealer Offers Triad Residents TREATS In A TRICKY Economy

We've all heard the bad new from talking heads on
TV. But at Frank Myers Auto Maxx we're having
a Not-So-Scary Economy Test Drive Event because
now is the best time to upgrade your vehicle.

Local Car Dealer Offers Triad Residents TREATS In A TRICKY Economy
Tracy Myers says, “It’s prime time for some good news for a change!”

Triad - Are you frightened by current economic conditions? Are you terrified by what you’re hearing on the news and reading on the Internet? Have the “experts” scared the bejesus out of you?

Well before you pull your money out of the bank and stick it under your mattress or build an underground bomb shelter in your back yard or plan an escape to a more “normal country”… read this important information.

My name is Tracy Myers and I’ve been listening to the same news and reading the same doomsday reports in the media too. And some of it is concerning. The economy may not as strong as it was a few years ago… But don’t fear … The boogieman is NOT coming to get us all.

I’m here to say that you don’t have to hide under your covers. Things are going to be all right. Markets correct themselves and downs are always followed by ups. Every problem brings opportunity, innovation and growth. And things are starting to look up already! We’ve just seen a healthy increase in the GDP and fuel costs are consistently going down. We’ve even seen a withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

So to celebrate America’s greatness and the amazing opportunity and new frontier that lies before us, I’m having the Not-So-Scary Economy Test Drive Event all through the month of October at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe that the bad news just makes things worse. And people in the Traid need some good news for a change. I believe that now is the time, now is the best time to do something for yourself that you’ll really enjoy.

My Not-So-Scary Economy Test Drive Event is about helping you overcome the fear of the new economy and allow you to get back to your normal life. I want to give you a feeling of safety, security and happiness and help you feel good about your position in life and proud to be part of this exciting time in our history.

How can I do this?
Check out what I’ve put together just for you.
►If driving your old car one more day sends shivers up your spine then drag that scary old thing down here. We’ll get you out of it and into the new or pre-owned, fuel-efficient vehicle you’ve been wanting but have been afraid to make the move on.
►Is your credit is a little frightening? Have you been turned down in the past and been treated like an apparition…invisible and unimportant? Maybe you haven’t tried to upgrade your vehicle because you’ve heard about bad loans, tightening credit restrictions and disappearing special finance programs. Are you nervous you’ll be turned away and embarrassed?

Fear not my friend. Things are good here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Because of my Not-So-Scary Credit Check and Approval Plan as long as you have a steady job and between $200 to $300 dollars to prove you have upfront cash you could be treated to a newer, nicer vehicle today.

And the banks and finance companies I work with offer straightforward, fixed rate loans with no trickery. All this so you can conquer your fear of past credit problems and get out of the scary old car you hate.

Exactly What You’ve Asked For!
By talking to my customers I’ve found that what makes these uncertain times so dreadful is that you have to tip-toe around, hide out in the shadows and wait to get the things you need and want… like a high quality, fuel efficient vehicle.
The two big reasons my customers have waited to come in and give us the chance to help them get the vehicle they’ve always wanted are:
1. their credit
2. their current vehicle payment
Thanks to my Not-So-Scary Credit Check and Approval Plan your credit won’t be an issue here and consider your old car history no matter how frightening it is. We’ll get you out of it and upgrade you to a vehicle that’s the envy of the neighborhood. It’s my Not-So-Scary Economy Test Drive Event where you get to test drive the car you’ve always wanted and drive it home regardless of your current vehicle payment, past credit problems or the current economy.

Test drives are absolutely free with zero risk, no obligation and 100% VIP treatment.
Not-So-Scary Economy Test Drive Event … going on right now! So hurry in and visit us today or call on the phone to set your Free Test Drive Appointment today at 336.767.3432 in Winston-Salem or 336.882.6000 in High Point.

When you come in this week you can register to win a 4-foot mountain of Trick-Or-Treat Candy. And I’ll have plenty of candy around all month for you and the kids to enjoy while you’re here!